The Greenwell Difference

Greenwell Realty is different. It's more than you expect...

Why do our buyers pay less than market value (9.7% on average ) for their homes and our sellers get more than market value (4.8% on average)?  

We stand for doing the right thing.  Turns out that yields RESULTS.

Here's the formula:

  • Company culture that favors clients
  • A small experienced team
  • Capable professionals working together
  • Knowledge in related fields

It reads like some fuzzy theory, but it means real tangible measurable dollars in your pocket ....

Some Additional Tangible Benefits of Our Culture

By law, Realtors have six fiduciary duties to clients: loyalty, confidentiality, disclosure, obedience, reasonable care, diligence, accounting.   Powerful words.   We take those duty's seriously.  Results are rewarding and we are proud of them. 

Client Happiness

Client satisfaction is typically measured by asking clients to tell the company how happy they were or were not with the service.   Our method is to ask the client to tell the whole world instead.  We ask our clients to rate our service directly on the internet website of their choice.  It is unedited. We see how our clients rate our service in public, the same as you do.   See reviews here.


Single agency

Means you have less risk of conflict of interest.  Realtors are in the representation business.  That is what we do.  Dual agency happens when a single real estate company pledges representation to both buyer and seller in the same transaction.  It is a direct conflict of interest.  It IS legal in MN with informed consent. Truly informed consumers don't give their consent to this.  It also results in the real estate company collecting both sides of the commissions.  Not surprisingly dual agency is routinely practiced by most Minnesota real estate companies. However, being legal and doing the right thing are not the same.   We think dual agency violates 4 of the 6 fiduciary duties. We think it is a obvious conflict of interest.  One company can't advocate FOR both parties and AGAINST both parties simultaneously. That's why we don't do it.   If you hire us we represent you, period.    We act as seller's broker for our sellers, and buyer's broker for our buyer clients. Simple, common sense.  No dual agency.  This policy is called Single Agency, and there is no additional cost for it. It's been our policy from day one, 25 years ago.   If you are a buyer looking for a firm that does not represent sellers at all, an exclusive buyers broker, there are only a couple in the south Minneapolis/St. Paul suburban area, and none in the north half of metro, Anoka County area that we are aware of.  The Greenwell Realty single agency policy protects you from the pitfalls of dual agency, and is the closest thing to an exclusive buyers broker available in the Andover, Coon Rapids, Blaine and nearby cities.

No admin fees

Brokers charge a separate fee in addition to the commission, to each buyer and seller in the transaction.  We see these extra fees charged by co-op firms to their client on nearly every settlement statement at closing.  They are labeled admin fee, technology fee or compliance fee or they are added to the commission and not labeled at all.  They range from $200 to $700 per party, per transaction.    We don't know what those fees are for and we don't charge them.  We never have.


Flexible contracts

By real estate law in Minnesota, all buyer and seller representation contracts must have a start date and an end date.  Common sense, and all contracts do.   But few provide a standard additional clause where you can cancel the contract at any time without prior notice. Why lock yourself into a contract with a Realtor that you can't cancel if you are unhappy?   That's the way the cell phone companies do it.   You don't contract with a new hair stylist for a year at time.  If you are not getting the service promised, we believe you should be free to make a change.


more tangible differences

We get measurable RESULTS. The buyers we represent pay LESS for their home and the sellers we represent receive MORE!  By nearly every measure, Greenwell surpasses industry standard by a long way.  But this may be the most telling result.  See the details here ...