Real Estate Services

As Realtors and licensed contractors, Greenwell Realty has served Andover, MN and surrounding areas for 25 years. We represent home buyers, sellers and real estate investors. Greenwell is a small boutique residential real estate company with a personal style that clients find beneficial.  Every home sale and every home purchase is unique with unique motivations, challenges and opportunities.  The Greenwell Team focus' on customizing each transaction's outcome to the client's needs and financial benefit.  Here are some examples of customized transactions.

The Greenwell Team is uniquely positioned to maximize your success in Anoka County.  We measure success in two ways. 

  • Quantitatively - that means dollars saved.  Our buyers spend less, and our sellers get more per square foot then the market.  Here are the quantitative numbers.
  • Qualitatively - this is your happiness.  If you're not feelin' the love, we're not doing our job.  We ask clients to rate our service and we get great reviews, but we don't need surveys to know if our buyers and sellers are happy.  We've are personally involved.  We already know!  Read some public reviews.

For in-depth information of why Greenwell Realty continually produces superior results for clients go to The Greenwell Difference.

Typical "Full Service"

Many firms promote a like of services that looks something like this

  • Comparative Market Analysis
  • Provide a Yard Sign
  • Electronic Lock Box
  • Professional Photography (some)
  • Refer you to a Stager
  • Put your home on MLS
  • Syndicate to popular websites
  • Electronic showing scheduling
  • Provide Showing Feedback
  • Proved a “virtual tour” that is really a slide show
  • Put your home on Facebook,  Youtube, etc.
  • Hold Open House - (marginal effective)
  • Forward offers
  • Communicate with Closer
  • Attend Closing

The list above is lengthy and looks complete.  But it is not Greenwell Realty's idea of Full Service.  No one knows all that the transaction will require until it is actually complete.   Every property is different. Every seller is different. Every buyer is different. Every city, county has different rules, and property conditions, peoples needs, and rules change like the seasons.  The list is a starting point.  A prerequisite.  The basic elements common to most transactions.  Calling lists like the one above full service can be a way to limit the service that is actual needed (i.e, "that is not on the list").  It is like a shoe store providing size 5, 7, and 9 brown shoes.  It would now don't be easier for the shoe store, but is not a "full service" shoe store.  The real value of your Realtor comes to you in what happens beyond the list.  Handling communications, anticipating complications, assessing risks and probabilities, avoiding problems, solving unavoidable problems, researching information, advising on negotiations, all the elements of acting in your best interests.  


A Fuller, “Full Service”

 Our team offers exceptional real estate knowledge from continuous training, direct daily in real estate plus, the related fields of construction, finance, real estate investment analysis, home staging and photography.  We take our fiduciary duties to you seriously. Our standards are built on mature judgment. Put simply, we stand for doing the right thing.  There are an infinite combinations of property features, buyer needs, seller needs, rules and personalities to document a complete list of services a that are required.  As to the list, yes we do the items above plus we hire outside professional stagers and photographers at our cost to our sellers. Greenwell Realty's standard of full service is not a limited to a list of 9, 25, nor 100 items.  It is to do what needs to be done in the best interests of our buyer and seller client (within the law of course).


We have competitive fee structures.  Contact us for specifics on commissions.  There is some variation with scope of work, and discounts can apply.   We are not the least expensive nor the highest.   But we are transparent.  We are only paid if your purchase or sale is successful.  You pay nothing upfront, and can cancel your contract any an time up until you negotiate an offer.   Most of our buyer clients pay use nothing for our service.  We are paid from sellers broker coop as is common.  We do not charge any admin fees, which is uncommon.   In summary, fee structure is important, but results, and net proceeds are your primary financial goal.  Please check out our performance scorecard.