Birds and Bagels

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Photos by Jim Hughes

 photo by Jim Hughes

photo by Jim Hughes


Birding for Fun - a local treasure

Largely ignored by humans, beautiful wondrous birds have migrated through our back yards every spring for centuries.   Okay...that may be laying it on a little thick.  But there are amazing animals everywhere and May is the best time to see the biggest variety of Minnesota birds.  Some are arriving to stay the summer, some are passing through on their journey to the Arctic, and a few are even leaving their Minnesota wintering grounds to head north for the summer.

Come spend a Saturday morning observing and learning about a variety of birds.  You can expect to see 35 to 60 species. Last year we had 45.   Your guide, Jim Hughes, has been a bird nerd most of his life, even co-owning some Minnesota competitive birding records (yep, that is a thing!)   Check out his 2018 big year blog.

Greenwell Realty will provide snacks.  


Or call our office 763-785-0785

 All sessions are on Saturdays 9:00 am – 11:30 am

Group size is limited to 12 per session.

Choose One Saturday below:

May 12, 2018 at Silverwood Park, St. Anthony

May 26, 2018 at Carlos Avery Wildlife Managment Area


Jim Hughes, CRS

(maps below)


Open to all ages 10 and up.  All levels of birding experience welcome.   Please bring binoculars if you have them.  We will provide several extra pairs for those that don't have.   Please wear sturdy walking shoes and warm clothes.  It is typically cooler in the morning then you think it will be. Think layers. We typically drive and stop at multiple mini stops.  But often walk up to 1 mile on trails/ roads, depending on bird activity.   Park restrooms are available at the meeting point and ending point, but are not typically available along the way.  No pets please.  If there is a question about weather cancellation, please call Jim at 612-791-6000.


 Birds and Bagels Schedule

9:00- Check in, binocular demo, Q & A, checklists provided, arrange car pool if needed.

9:15 - Promptly depart meeting site and tour multiple bird habitats

11:00 - Return to meeting location for bagels, Q&A and tally list summary.


Carlos Avery Wildlife Management Area (WEST UNIT)

meet at nearby Coon Lake County Park,  in Columbus Township, 55092

(in Google maps search for:  19101 Lexington Ave NE, Wyoming, MN 55092)


Silverwood Park

2500 County Rd E , St. Anthony, MN 55112