Unique Offerings

As much as some want to believe, real estate transactions are not one size fits all. Everyone's circumstances are different, and every property is different. We are sensitive to your circumstance. For most of our buyers and sellers a traditional transactions can meet their goals.  But Greenwell Realty has a larger tool box.  We can also assist you with solutions for special situations.   Below are custom solutions and services that have solved different combinations of problems.   These offerings are not made up.  We have done them all and they can be combined and customized to fit your needs.

Buyer programs

  • Traditional buyer representation
  • You buy, Greenwell does repairs/firm advance bid
  • Greenwell buys the house and sell it to you via contract for deed.
  • Lease option,  Rent-to-own
  • Greenwell buys the house and leases it you.
  • Free 1-on-1 home buyer consultants
  • Free 1-on-1 real estate investor consultants
  • Investors buys, Greenwell does repairs/ firm advance bid
  • Community education classes - Anoka-Hennepin
  • On-site club or employee real estate seminars
  • In house contractor to complete small honey-do lists,  basement finishes or any in between.
  • Multiple transaction discounts

Seller Programs

A few of The unique projects we have done

Learning is a life long process.

Advanced training in real estate plus formal training and self motivated curious research, in many related fields,  finance, mortgage, advanced math, probability and client risk management, business psychology, computer science, residential construction, financial planning.  Our continuous training plus 25 years experience doing this stuff every day provides enormous verified benefits to our clients.


"A homeowner with a squeaky floor calls a carpenter.  The carpenter arrives, explores the room briefly then drives one undetectable screw through the carpet and the squeak disappears.  He says, "that will be $100".  The owner declares, " $100!  That is ridiculous, you were only here 10 minutes."  He replies, you're not paying for the 10 minutes, your paying for 20 years of learning where to put that screw, we could have started by taking up the carpet if you prefer?"       Source: Unknown