The 400 Bird Quest - 136

Count update:  136/400  Jan 20th

My friend Leigh and I left Phoenix a few days ago for a trip to Denver.  In northern Arizona, we hit Montezuma’s Well and the Grand Canyon, then toured the Upper Antelope Canyon (slot canyon) which I recommend highly.  Then on to Arches National Park. These views are also breathtaking.  In addition to adding a few birds to the year list, we found elk, pronghorn antelope, coyote, and spooked a herd of 20-30 Javelina.  Utah yielded few notable new birds. We were mostly driving.  But we did get one flyover Golden Eagle, and saw mule deer.  After Denver, we headed south through New Mexico, then west over the Gila Mountains back to Phoenix

Jim is attempting to find and identify 400 different species of birds in the USA in 2018.