The 400 Bird Quest - Where's Waldo?

Count Update:  275 / 400

For every good photo I take, ten more are terrible.  So let’s use some of them and play a game.   Each of the 21 numbered photos below has an animal in it there somewhere.   Can you find the critter, and identify it?  Find the answers are further below in the next set of photos with the corresponding number.  There is prize money.

The Questions:

The Answers:

Here are the answers in numbered photos format with embedded comments. with the species name.  Scroll to the right to advance to the next answer.

How it you do?  If you tried all 21 you have incredible patience.  If you got half of them right you are a star.  If you got them all right you're a bold faced liar. Nevertheless, for winning a charitable donation will be made in your name to the The Special Committee for the Conservation of Special Committees.  Thanks for playing.