The 400 Bird Quest - Spring Migration Winds Down

Count Update:  378 / 400

Managing work and chasing birds this spring has been a challenge.  But thanks to rare bird alerts and an especially huge thank you to my good friend Big Tom Nelson, I've been able to locate most of the expected Minnesota birds this spring, on limited time. Tom traveled the north half of the state with me for 3 fun days in May and guided me on a key June 3rd morning trip to Three Rivers Park, (Murphy-Hanrehan), south of Savage, MN, to find an impressive list of uncommon "specialties":  Acadian Flycatcher, Hooded Warbler, Cerulean Warbler, Mourning Warbler, and Henslow's Sparrow, plus Bell's Vireo at Cliff Fen.  Thanks Tom!

Other memorable and fun finds were Canada Warbler, in the mosquito infested Sax Zim bog, the staked out Eurasian Tree Sparrow that is spending it's summer in Duluth, and Yellow-billed Cuckoo at Rice Lake WMA.   

With the year count at 378, my 400 goal would seem easily in hand.  But to find 22 additional species in MN will be very hard.   The 400 goal may turn out to be a good excuse to trip in the fall?